September 22nd 2014 – The start of a new journey

So if you are reading this blog, you may know of or even be somebody that has suffered a brain injury. Chances are you have scoured the web for SOME useful information or help on the subject of brain injury (I’m going to refer to it as BI from this point on) but have drawn a blank. Well, if you’re new to this, I have some news for you… there isn’t much help or understanding out there! Or maybe you’re just part of the unknowing public.   I suffered a brain injury two and a half years ago. It tore my life apart and I was left with a new personality and many difficult symptoms, that I will spend the rest of my life living with. I consider myself extremely lucky. Albeit so that I was on my honeymoon when I suffered this near fatal  injury, I was veery nearly not so lucky. I was resuscitated (remember this), in a two week coma (remember this too) and I beat sepsis, MRSA and shit loads of other abbreviated medical nasties so I definitely am one of the lucky ones, let us rejoice with gin and tonic. I can’t go into specifics, as I currently have a substantial claim against the sods who were responsible. Plus, I don’t want mafioso from a certain country reading this and finding out where my wife, two year old daughter and I live. This is considering the safety of the mafioso of course, not ours. Let’s just say it was NOT the honeymoon my wife nor I envisaged having.   Five days ago, I embarked on my journey to fulfil a dream and ambition of mine, to become a child nurse. I was six months in to my training when I suffered my BI, and after two and a half years of torment, complete social isolation and a lot of emotional pain and trauma, only now do I feel I have some of the resources needed to attempt to successfully complete my training. Believing in some form of god, elephant trunked, bearded or otherwise, may also come in handy.   This blog will aim to shed light on someone who’s life is filled with many problems that are unseen and often severely misunderstood.  I will be recording all of my experience here, on this new blog, in the hope that it might help some other poor sap out there in a similar position to me. If that  sounds like a hoot and you would like to hear more about it, pull up a chair (and a box of tissues) and have a read, there will be more to come.   I would like to make an official note of this now, so that it can be dug out from the archives one day: I WILL DO THIS. By probability I should be in a wheelchair or not alive. I beat that so why the hell not go the whole hog?!   Stay’s gonna be a blast!


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