God I miss you more than words can possibly describe,

When I pick you up from nursery sometimes you do not even feel like you are mine.

Way too much time goes by between spending time with you,

When I look at you I see me and in my heart the pain runs even deeper through.

I’m heartbroken that I don’t even have a say in your busy and colourful life anymore,

Sometimes I wonder if you’ll get bored of me and of this I cannot even be 100% sure.

But there are a few things I have to do that I’m sure that will make you proud,

Because becoming a nurse against the odds is the silver lining in my cloud.


Nothing has stopped me yet and my supporters are so very few,

But one day when I achieve this I will remember to introduce them to you.

A children’s nurse with tattoos sometimes isn’t easy for people to comprehend,

But I’m happy with people coming and going and the misunderstandings having no end.

As long as I can still see you even though it’s not nearly enough as I mentioned above,

Because the most important thing in life is to love and in return be loved.



You might want to think about a different career Mikey.

‘But it’s my dream to be a nurse’

You’re lucky to be alive. Just think about it.

Since I restarted uni..

Divorce. False allegations made to the police. False allegations made to my uni to get me kicked off the course. The death of two family members. All this alongside trying to recover from brain injury and learn to live again.

I might not be perfect. I might have my faults. I might not be in your life much (not my choice). But I’m telling you now, when your old enough to read this, know that there is nothing that is stopping me over what I do have control over.

YOU are what motivates me to get out of bed everyday and do this. YOU are the one that gives me the belief I need in myself.

YOU are the reason I am able to go and fulfil my dream of becoming a nurse. Caring for people is the greatest thing you can do.

So many people have tried to make me fail. But YOU are what has helped me keep my cool and make better decisions.

You would be surprised where these serpents have sprung up from, the vultures that have made life a living hell for me for years. Urging me to give it up, teasing me with the promise of an easier life.



And now I’m going into my final year of nursing. I’m going after what they all said I couldn’t have. You need to be aggressive and relentless in what you believe to be right. 




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