Have I pissed you off this week? No? Give it time I have a knack

Do you ever have one of those days/weeks/months where no matter what you do things don’t seem to go in your favour?

My week seems to be getting peachier by the hour

No matter what I do at the moment, things seem to just be going wrong! Then they go from bad to worse Uber quickly.

Trying to articulate yourself to people who have the wrong end of the stick is tough at the best of times.

Throw in word finding difficulties and a million other invisible neuro-Daisy’s and you have quite the recipe For disaster.

This blog is about nothing specific.

It’s about me just feeling a bit lost in the world, something which is very common for me and many others out there.

Everyone loves an honest person until they tell the truth

So here’s the truth:

Through experience and many challenges over the years, I know I am able to be a good nurse. The question I’m asking myself now is do I want to be a nurse?

Like many things after my accident, the nursing feels a bit like a jigsaw piece that doesn’t quite fit anymore.

Time will tell.

I went for a coffee with my sister today. We were chatting about the responsibility of having a job, how it’s tiring and difficult at times. Just the usual coffee catch up nonsense.

Suddenly the man who was sat next to us who had been listening into the conversation Passionately proclaimed:

‘You should be grateful you have a job! I have autism and I am always discriminated against because I have a hidden condition’.

Only an hour before I told my sister that I have a unique talent for pissing people off at the moment without even trying

Halfway through his speech I looked at my sister and winked. ‘Told you” and smiled in good humour.

My sister asked if I was tempted to mention the brain injury to the man

I said no, because my life isn’t anymore important than anyone else’s. The man had obviously felt passionate about what he heard so I listened to him and showed him the respect he deserved.

I related to everything he said. It wasn’t important that he knew that. I’m not looking for brownie points

Just because he didn’t know my own circumstances, that doesn’t mean what he was saying was not important to him.

I’d said that It must be frustrating looking fine on the outside and struggling on the inside

I had a nice chat with him and afterwards I shook his hand, telling him I had respect towards him for speaking his mind and to keep hold of that quality.

The point is that it is true, you never know what the person sitting next to you is going through.

Would I change my conversation with my sister because of the man with autism? Of course not. It was a councious (never been able to spell this damn word) discussion with context.

There was no way he could’ve known what I was talking about and that I had suffered a severe brain injury which had left me with a deluge of invisible and misunderstood symptoms, some similar to his

But If a lady who was paraplegic was sat next to us, she would have likely chastised the man with autism, telling him that he should be grateful he can walk.

If there was a blind man, he would’ve told all of us to be grateful for being able to see!

If there was a deaf man he probably wouldn’t have said much because he couldn’t hear us, but you get the point.

At the end of the day, everyone has their own shit to deal with.

How can I have anger towards anyone for their decisions when taking this into account? life can be a bitch to all of us, you never know what someone is going through.

Anyway. You’re not here to make other people understand your challenges.

I’ve lived totally enough to know that life is too short to show nothing less than the utmost respect, compassion and understanding to everyone I meet, regardless of how they might make me feel.

And making them laugh along the way is a bonus. Especially if they can laugh after you pissed them off without meaning to!

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