Just a few photos

I’ve come across a great brain injury Facebook page and wanted to share some inspirational pictures they have on their page. I also wanted to mention that it is only since “taking a break” from this blog have I realised how important it is for my little brain. Albeit, damaged little brain!

Here are just a few from the page –



10614359_728315243919521_2697642841369306677_n 10690053_801960356528131_6613106664743529888_n


The page is called – Brain Injury awareness.

But I think the strength and spirit of the people who post these types of inspirational pictures applies to pretty much anyone and any type of situation they might be going through. I know I said I wouldn’t be posting for a while untilI got things in order but I had some free time and wanted to share the pics, plus this only took 10 minutes so now I’m off to study!

I find that I need to study something a bit more than normal people for it to sink in. It takes me long to work through things, I need a lot of breaks in between.  I usually get a really bad headache within the first hour, and as time goes on I start to feel drunk, but not a pleasant drunk! Then dizziness follows and I start to recognise the signs to stop right before I become sick. Lots of sleep, meditation and nutrition helps with my concentration, A double shot of espresso from time to time also helps marvellously too!

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