Priority Time

This is just A quick note from my phone to say I won’t be posting a blog for a while.

My executive dysfunctional symptoms from my injury mean that I am struggling big time with the workload and managing lots of different things at uni. I’m constantly fatigued/exhausted (NOT how you think of it) with headaches and a dodgy stomach from dizziness – I’ve become so excited having a life again that I may have taken on a bit too much. I’ve recognised that now and it’s time to level out and crack on. Luckily I have some reliable people around me who can give me feedback on things like this.

I’m always the last to know about things and I need to take action before it really takes its toll on my studies. Luckily the UNI have some great support services for disability/learning difficulty which meet some of my needs.

People with BI aren’t meant really meant to attempt something as audacious as a nursing degree!

After all, 90% of people with BI never return to work again. Cue Robin Williams…..


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