Differing beliefs.

I’ve always been a very loving kinda guy. I love animals, I love helping and making people happy, I love kids, I love making people laugh, I love good memories. Naw.


I’ve said many times that It’s not easy to understand or even like someone with a brain injury. I can understand this concept entirely, as many of the symptoms we develop are very antisocial.

From needing a quiet moment while your damaged brain reorganises itself to a sudden outburst of frustration caused by the damage to the amygdala situated in your frontal lobe, I can understand why it is misunderstood by so many.


I’m dreading going on holiday. Have I made a mistake? I miss Reese too much after one day of not seeing her, I want to cry all the time.  I feel on edge. I feel after only a day of her absence like I’ve lost her to another family.

Fair one. That’s a true statement in one sense. For now.

To be fair there aren’t  many people who would be strong enough to share the type of life I live, it’s not for the faint hearted. Strategically this means I can never truly act on my instinct of wanting to be with anyone again. It puts me right off.

osho flower

None of that marriage was real. None of it. Sadly, I can see this now.

Although, I knew deep down. I always said it so I’m not complaining or pointing fingers  I am not into that. After all,  I appreciate that I had something I thought was special, even if it wasn’t, because at the time I thought it was. So I’m grateful for that and I feel lucky to have thought it at the time. 

I’m so grateful for what I do have. Yesterday at the beach, Reese told me she cried for me at nursery because she loved me. I was elated.  Since my head injury that is the first time I believed in someone who has spoken those words to me.

Every day a new challenge presents itself, that’s life. 

It’s funny how love and pain can be used as a strength in a fight, as opposed to anger.

You make mistakes with anger.

I have pain and I have love. I have resources and I have strategies. It’s an amazingly powerful feeling to know how far you could go in a war with these few and yet simple qualities.

80% don’t return to work?

Watch me go and get a degree and return to work.

the art of war.jpg

One thought on “Differing beliefs.

  1. And now it is important to move on, not pointing fingers anymore. Like I said before, there are no winners. No one ist the good guy/girl or the bad guy/girl. Focus on the good, the present and the near future. The past can’t be changed. A day on the beach with little Reese is a day to live very much in the here and now. And your holiday is something to look forward to. But what happend happend, you only can learn from the past.


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