Goal posts

You must understand that many of my blogs are cryptic. For legal and financial reasons they need to be, but try to read between the lines. Everything I write is for a reason and has a purpose, there are no throw away comments. Words written in bold are done so for a reason.


It is fair to say that writing these blogs is a big risk, it’s something I’ve been advised not to do. I currently have two completely separate law firms that advise me. The ‘other side‘ will look for any excuse to extrapolate and manipulate my words to use them against me in a court of law. But I have nothing to hide and other people need hope.

 I live a righteous life and I have my morals. I do not lie. So I believe it is worth writing for all the other TBI survivor’s that are reading these blogs.

But let’s face it. When all is said and done, with the money that is potentially on the line that could really improve my life as a brain injured, my attempt at justifying writing these blogs is about as comforting as Darth Fader reading a bedtime story.

But guess what. Whether I drive a Corsa or a Bentley I will always have a brain injury.


Despite being legally entitled to 50% of my wife and I’s house when she suddenly bought me out, I still stood by our verbal agreement that I would only take 27%. In a court of law I was entitled to walk away with nearly thee times as much due to an error in the paperwork, but we had an agreement. Even if someone else could be that deceiving, I am not.

Veritas (Truth)

And then there are my enemies. My poor, bitter enemies that stood up against me and were embarrassingly unsuccessful. They may be reading this now trying desperately to find any weaknesses in the hope that they can take advantage of them.

Perhaps you want to have another go at trying to break me or get me locked up (erroneously of course) and kicked off my nursing course by telling unspeakable lies.

Every single aspect of life is a game. I’ve found that in my personal experiences of playing that the only major difference between these games is that sometimes the rules get changed, or the goal posts are moved. If you don’t learn the rules quickly you’re in for a shock.

NO ONE is exempt from moving your goal posts. Don’t get caught gazing into the crowd, anticipate the movement of the posts. And be ready to act.


My brain injury has made it difficult for me to apply any intelligence that was left after the ‘accident‘. But if someone gives me reason to then I can immediately wind my neck in to the new rules and be confident in applying myself. I only do this fairly of course, I never lie or manipulate. That’s not me.

And I only live in the humble manner of my own light, but it would be foolish to see that as weakness.



NB to Reese

Never let others lower your morals to their level or jeopardise what you believe is the right thing to do.


osho lion.jpg



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