I received a letter today from the DWP stating that they require a health assessment for a benefit I receive, despite only recently attending a tribunal headed by medical professionals stating that I was entitled to this benefit.

I think it was only my last blog when I said that once you have a brain injury, your life turns into one great big fight. Endless battles one after the other!


I’m starting to make headway on my quest to obtain a parking permit for work, although I’m told an OH assessment will still need to take place in the future at some point (despite supplying letters from three medical professionals).


Slowly slowly catchy monkey


Tribunals, assessments, appointments, countless trips back and forth, solicitors.. it is an expensive lifestyle living with a head injury!


Thats not accounting for the divorce either. Thats a financial doozy.


I’m preparing myself for my placement which I am due to start next week. Every placement so far has pushed me beyond limits I could ever imagine.


I need to prepare myself for the pain and symptoms that are about to crop up. I always find out about a new one each placement, I’m genuinely curious as to whats next.




I was recently put in a very difficult position where I had to make an on-the-spot decision which could have been potentially catastrophic for me, both professionally and morally. However, I could have avoided this in the first place by looking the other way, turning the other cheek and getting on with my life.


But hang on. What gives me the right to sit here and publish blogs like this one that harps on about humans and their inability to be compassionate and understanding if I did that?

Veritas – ‘Truth’

I’ll be the first to tell you I’m nothing special. I live a certain way which may be different to others, but I am so insignificant in the grand scheme of things I can’t possibly be arrogant. No offence, but we are all insignificant. Yet that doesn’t mean I should stop being insignificant.




If compassion was a 7th sense what a different world we would live in. The good old saying ‘evil prevails when good people do nothing’ has always been a favourite of mine.


It’s easy to misunderstand people, mental health being a prime example.


Whatever people have become is a result of what they’ve had to endure.

.. just like the homeless people I wrote about in my previous blogs – they didn’t just decided to wake up one day and take drugs or drink alcohol to excess and let it ruin them. And yet people justify not giving them a measly £1 by saying ‘Oh they’ll only waste it on drugs anyway’. 

If you’re one of these people then I’m not keen on the way you think. I mean that, you’re just not for me. And if you told me you would say that to me in person I would say it just as I’ve written it. No anger, just a simple no-filter fact. 


Then again, the reason people are so judgemental a lot of the time or they try to justify not giving a homeless person change is a product of what they’ve had to endure in their life. In which case I only feel sorry for these people. Again, no anger, just another no-filter fact. 



Pretty picture right? People would give us money. Yet I’d wager they they wouldn’t be as quick to surrender money to these people –



Just another no filter fact

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