Don’t be like boss

Coincidences are peculiar things. When I started my last nursing placement, in the same week (I think it was on my first day actually) I came across that choking boy in costa, hence the tale of the werther’s original was born.

Today I just finished the third official week of my placement, where only yesterday I lead my first resuscitation (I was the only medical worker there at the time) which happened to be in the public domain (as opposed to being in a medical setting where there’s lots of cool and shiny medical equipment to hand).

With the werther’s boy I was lucky enough to see that I prevented him choking straight away. Out popped the sweet and on my way I merrily did trot.

But still no news of the person I encountered yesterday. My torso, triceps and trapezius muscles are aching today, which I hope means that I gave it my all. It’s hard work resuscitating an adult, with kids you just need a few fingers or a palm.

The person was having a massive heart attack and was drenched in sweat.

When you get someone to start breathing again you get a glimmer of a positive outcome. When they froth out the mouth however, you soon grip yourself and just get on with it. Hopefully I did enough to give him a chance with the paramedics’ care. Anyway, let’s put this to bed. I’ll write about it again when I hear of the outcome.


So on my monthly visit to the local homeless people living in Westbourne, after I had departed with my cash, another thought struck me.

If you see a homeless man sitting in the street, drenched in rain and probably on the verge of hypothermia, but you notice a beer can next to him, what would your reaction be? 

I think I know



osho poverty.jpg

And I’m not saying what is right and what is wrong. There is no right or wrong, only thinking makes it one or the other.

I’ll finish with this scenario:

You’re walking to work one day when on the way you notice a homeless man on the street, looking cold and desperate. You reach into your pockets, but just as you do this, you notice cigarette butts littered around him and empty beer cans. You change you mind and carry on walking to work.

You arrive at work. You go in to see your boss to ask why you have been underpaid for this month’s wages. 

“You’ve paid me less money this month, why has this happened..? I need that money! My car insurance is due and it’s my mum’s birthday!” 

You ask, remembering the weekend is nearby and you’re planning a night out with your friends, last weekend’s coffee and lunch with that date you had was great.

The boss stands up. You notice his shoes are brand new and shiny. He has cufflinks, a nice gold watch and he smells divine. You would smell him if it were appropriate (although I would smell him) as he says to you:

“The amount we have deducted from your wages is in line with how much you spend on alcohol on a night out each month. Get your priorities right.”. 


Boss is arrogant. Boss is ignorant. Boss is a twat. Don’t be like boss. 


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