Dispelling hatred 

I have as much reason to feel hate as anyone else and I’m sure I struggle with it as much as anyone too.

There is a secret, but it’s the hardest thing to get your head round. It involves the opposite of what’s been drummed into us. 

I left my ex wife with the agreement I’d be back, until she surprised me by asking me for me to sell my shares in it shortly after I had ‘temporarily’ moved out.

The same applies to hurt as well. There’s a secret for that too. 

I could’ve taken £250,000 with me as I was legally entitled to. But I said I wouldn’t, as we had agreed verbally years before. That was fair, nothing special. 

I can’t work full time ever again and some people think I was silly for doing that. 

I recently agreed to reimburse her for £20,000 her mum had leant me for my rehabilitation after my injury of my claim is a success. Even if I get £21,000, I’ve agreed she can have it. 

And rightly so. But it was something else I could’ve acted upon differently. 

She’s taking Reese away to Disneyland, the place we agreed I would get to take her to first. Plus it will be on Father’s Day, any other day would’ve been ok.

Hating her and her actions is foolish. It creates more anger and would only cause hatred. When you trust the one person in your life with everything and these things happen, it changes you as a person. 

I won’t hate 

I’ll love, Because the secret is this: 

Hate does not dispel hate, only love dispels hate. That is the law, ancient and inexhaustible. 

These personal experiences of mine can be applied to anything in life. I  have learned this by applying it to others who have viciously betrayed me in the past. 

Hatred is the dark, love is the light. You cannot do anything to darkness, the only way you can get rid of it is by introducing light. 

I’ve been keeping a secret when writing these blogs 

I’m not sure I’m ready to tell my stories yet, or if it’s even safe. Or wise for that matter. But my brain injury is only one of the stories. 

It’s one I’ve been able to tell, albeit with a great deal of risk. 

I will live my life in truth. Truth doesn’t need an opinion or explanation, it simply is. I’m not commenting on anything I’ve spoken about here today, so nobody can feel antagonised by it. 

It’s simply the truth, that’s all. 

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