We all did it

Well the summer of 2018 seems to be getting better by the day for young (ish) Mikey. Right this second I’m cooking something and felt the urge to scribble a little something on here.

I’m so grateful

I found heaven before I got to where I am today. Heaven is there for all of us, the only thing standing in the way is our minds. For example, before I qualified as a nurse I’d already found what mattered most in life and decided that being a nurse (although a dream of mine and something which I felt was very important to me) would be a bonus if I could get it after all these years, but life is still incredible regardless of our occupation.

Living in the moment

I’m sure you’ve all heard ‘spiritualists’ preach of this. I thought I was ‘living in the moment’ for years, but I wasn’t.

Today at the beach, I felt the sheer joy of the water lapping against my legs. The cold thrust me to the present moment, the feeling of the sun on my back was amazing. The view was unbelievably beautiful, I felt so grateful to be part of watching the sun spill over the ocean in front of me. I watched the sun reflect off the surface of the water and knew that I’d found the gateway to my ‘heaven’ long before I qualified as a nurse. 

Oh btw. This really isn’t ‘hippy’.

This is for all of us. It doesn’t matter what catastrophic events are happening in your life. If you have only this moment on the ‘beach’, what else matters?

I know real pain and suffering

But I also know that ‘heaven’ is there right in front of me whenever I choose to cast my mind aside and live in the moment. You probably think I’m a hippy nutcase, and you’d be right. But just for the lols, give it a try. Whatever faith or religion you follow, this moment is what is real for all of us. It requires no belief to live in the now.

What a summer this is

If you just humour me and try living like this for a few months you will see something magical start to happen in your life. Your wildest dreams will come true and even if they didn’t, you’d still experience the feeling of true bliss. Bliss is better than happiness.

Happiness by it’s very nature becomes ‘unhappiness’ very soon. No one can be happy all the time, it;s impossible.

My dream seemed to be getting further away, with my symptoms getting worse by the day. But I still lived these days ‘on the beach’, or going for walks, being with nature or (worst case scenario) where I had no access to natural beauty, I anchored myself to the present moment wherever I was. I listened to my breath and observed my thoughts.

Where is the magic then?

Here it is:

After 7 years of studying, I achieved my dream of becoming a fully qualified nurse. On the very same day, after so many years of financial difficulty because I am no longer able to work full time as a result of the brain injury, I secured financial security for the rest of my life.

On the very same day. I can’t emphasise that  enough.

Two days ago, I had my first job interview in 8 years. Yesterday, I found out that I  did very well in that interview and I had secured my first job as a fully qualified nurse.

Everything I went through prepared me for what I asked for

So now  I can do the job I’ve dreamed of doing all my life, at my leisure.

Please take from this blog what I have learned the hard way over the years. Anything is possible, yes this is true. But nothing is more possible that  finding your own heaven right now.


Thank all of you for being part of this journey so far. I value every single person who has come into my life, I just wish I could thank you all personally (but i’d forget someone. My memory is shit).

You’re all the reason I did this. From Tess,  Frans (who lives in Holland), to Wendy (my godmother in London) or my family and close friends, you’re all the reason I’m here and am now able to help so many people.

But I do want to say a special thank you to a very special group of people. Each one of them mean the world to me and I’ve learned something from every one of them in my own way. Without this particular group of people perhaps I wouldn’t have qualified for another few more years! They are not more important than anyone else, I just feel I haven’t mentioned them as much as I perhaps wanted to.

So thank you SC014, we all did it!




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