The cinema Part 2

The feedback from you all after having read my previous blog which ended with a question from me to you, I must say, didn’t really surprise me and I was intrigued with some of your comments and answers.

The style I wrote the blog left you with no choice. Only an idiot would stop going to the cinema. Right?

In order for me to have any hope of striking a chord with anyone who reads what I have to say, blogs like my last one are essential. You cannot explain the unexplainable in one swift and easy-to-read blog of 700 words.

You have to be part of the journey to understand where I’m coming from

And believe it or not you all are. The purpose of my last blog wasn’t because I wanted confirmation that I had made the right decision. It was a ‘I am living. F*** everything else’.


The reason I have 0 interest in what anyone thinks of me is something that no number of blogs can help me to explain! 


After all, the western world has taught us that we are all individuals with a ‘personality’.

In ancient Greece, when the local amateur dramatics people got together and acted out different plays they often wore masks to disguise who they really were. These masks were called ‘personas’. That’s where the word ‘personality’ comes from.

All we think about ourselves is borrowed knowledge. If you make a joke, you’re labeled ‘funny’. If you’re quiet you’re labeled as ‘shy’. The fact is we are all just part of the same empty consciousness.

Yet our ‘persona’s’ often characterise ‘who we are’

In all of us, behind all the nonsense we have been taught growing up, there is nothingness. We are all nothingness. Therefore, terms like ‘evil’, ‘greed’, ‘suffering’ and ‘horrible’ aren’t really real, its just out perceptions of what we think is real based on how people act.

tao tao

I dont believe there is such a thing as an ‘evil person’.

..but I know that people can perform evil acts to others. I have experienced evil acts first hand many times in recent years, as I’m sure you have too.

I hope some of these blogs are comprehensible and not just seen as the ravings of a fucking nutcase.

Don’t worry what other people think of you. It’ s none of your business. It’s also nonsense, its your persona they have an issue with, not you. Try and remember that when people are being rude or nasty to you or your friends.

If I listened to all those who said I couldn’t become a nurse, or those who stood in my way, I wouldn’t be writing this to you now. Embrace the haters, they’re essential to your journey.

If you want to catch a glimpse of whats real, it goes far beyond ‘being shy’, ‘being awkward’ or in my case ‘having an awful memory and shit filter’ etc . Just be you.

In my eyes, you should go to your cinema and fuck everything else. After your feedback I know that’s what you all feel is right too.


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