Everyone has turned their back on me, I feel pain. 
People don’t realise there is two sides to a story, I feel pain. 
Not a single person besides my parents want to understand, this is pain.
I can’t explain myself to anyone, this hurts.
It’s too easy to dislike BI symptoms, more pain. 
I’m black and white, that’s difficult.
Time to realise it’s all gone now, I need this.
I must feel strength entirely on my own while I build my life, this is important. 
Everyone stabs me in the back eventually, I must trust anyone, this is realisation. 
There is more pain and fire in my belly than I’ve ever felt, I can use this. 
Knowing that only death will stop me, is because I’m stubborn. 
Not brave or righteous, just black and white. 
There’s more to this than you realise, this is lonely.
Only Reese is still here, should I prepare myself? 
I don’t care about the money anymore, I need this blog. 
I’m grateful for what I have, this is positivity.
I want to help children and save them, this is passion.
I will do whatever it takes to get there, this is dedication. 

I won’t ever lay down, this is just plane fucking stubborn. 

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  1. The last 5 sentences of this blog are the most important. You have positivity. passion and dedication, and yes you are stubborn, but you can use that to keep positive, passionate and dedicated. And I know you will.

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