I saved Reese’s life, she saved mine..

Why do we write?

It feels cathartic? It helps us work through our problems logically? There are lots of reasons why writing is a good way to deal with the challenges faced in life.

The only way one can help others is by first facing their own problems and working through the pain. You become stronger and your once huge problem becomes reversed.



It does hurt that Reese has been spending time with another man without me knowing, against my wishes, against promises made to me. If someone wanted to hurt me they can easily achieve this by using my daughter against me, because she is the only reason I am still alive. I saved her life, she saved mine.

So for me at the moment there is no greater pain that I feel or have ever felt before, which is an opportunity for me to grow spiritually and as a person.

Sometimes it feels like what happened in my life is a dream, to go from so much love to so much pain in such a short space of time.

Osho on pain

Thanks Osho, but good jesus it’s never that easy

Be Thankful

To everyone, to your family and friends for the love they give you, to the people on the street for saying hello when they pass, even those who offend or are nasty to you, those that cause immense pain and suffering to you. Thank these people for giving you the opportunity to grow in strength and overcome the temptation of a knee jerk reaction.(OSHO)

There are few people in the world who are really able to accept life with someone who has a head injury. This is old news. This can be lonely for those who have suffered one which is why another strategy to survive must be identified. Slowly over the years people have fallen off my radar.

Actually ‘fallen’ isn’t the right word. More like jumping off the radar like lemmings jump off a cliff. My life is a cliff.

However, my friends at uni have never judged me for it. Perhaps thats because they don’t live with it which is true, but on the other hand they would be free to jump at any point, which they haven’t done yet.

Writing for me IS cathartic, it does help me work through my pain and my emotions. But It is also about the truth, because being black and white it is important I am truthful in my writing or else I am not being true to myself.

Life after a head injury is not easy, it can be nightmarish. Often it’s a living, waking hell. So I have to do what I can to survive it. And I want to achieve the impossible, something I believe I am still good at.


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