Tying Laces.

After I’ve written this short blog, I plan to relax with a green tea, packet of monster munch and some relaxing incense candles. Chuck in a bit of Netflix and you’ve got yourself a type of heaven. And the best bit: I have no more uni work so I’ll be enjoying this free of guilt!

I thought to myself today, largely owing to the fact most of my recent blogs have dealt with some pretty tough issues that have come up for me lately, that perhaps this was maybe the time to reflect on just how lucky I am. I have finished my second year of nursing studies after all!










A GCS score of 8 or below is an indication of a severe brain injury (NHS Choices). Mine was 6. 

I know, I know. This isn’t the most cheerful or flattering picture of me, but it’s the only one I have of me in this state, which is needed for my point. Although I nearly died here (and a few other times) my mum later went on to disclose that the nurse on the right called me ‘her baby’, which was bound to inevitably make the other two jealous.


Putting the other issues aside, it is a miracle I’m alive, letting alone studying for my dream job.

80% of people who suffer a severe head injury do not return to work

97% of marriages fail after a head injury

There have been many people who have made this journey extremely difficult for me, let’s not sugar coat it.

There have been acts of betrayal, cowardice, manipulation and lying to try and ruin it all for me, to end the dream where it should have been ended on my honeymoon. Whilst the others have jumped off the cliff (like lemmings high on cocaine) there have been two people who have remained consistent throughout.

The people who did jump remind me of my university work, It’s a brighter day when they’ve gone.

My mum and dad are an inspiration. 

If you ever wonder why I am the way I am or how I’ve managed this, just look at them. They are the strongest people you could ever wish to meet.

In the early days I would get so frustrated at everything. I used to get road rage just pushing a shopping trolley around Tescos.

They would drop anything for you if you want it. This is your choice, because if you do not want it then you will not have it. But they will always be there to support you if you are willing to accept their love and support. They are the only people I know who haven’t quit.


As for the latest bunch of obstacles that are acting against us and the obvious conviction to try and distract me from our goal (for the millionth time, have you not learned by now?), I have two words for you..




Because you couldn’t tie the laces on our shoes.

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