Be still. Be silent. Be total.  See what happens.


A bit like the devil, betrayal can take many forms. It can lurk in the shadows without bothering you, sometimes for up to years at a time. It can reside in places you would never have imagined it to be, it has the ability to cling to objects that takes the shape of things that you would trust, a bit like how MRSA clings to dust and lives on surfaces.

Like MRSA, betrayal can be opportunistic, it can colonise on you for years and years without you even knowing it’s there. But the day you become weak, it takes advantage and attacks you.

A friend, distant relative, a person or people you live with, people you think care about you, people you work with or even your own partner… betrayal does not appear to have any boundaries. It can fool anyone and everyone.

As my dear old uni tutor would say… ‘So what?’

So you act with dignity. You act with integrity. No knee jerk reactions, no emotions. Be businesslike, be true to yourself, be honest, be righteous, be truthful, be dignified, it’s the only way. The art of war was not written on emotions and reactions. I believe you don’t become defined by the betrayal you suffer, it’s how you deal with it that will define you.

You have to Live with the fact there may be false and libellous allegations knocking about, maybe there are untruths which could potentially harm you. Or maybe it will just bother you so much that others do not know the real truth, but you have to Just accept this little daisy….thats life. 

This is the opposite of what I’ve been taught in schools and by society. They say you should address the betrayer, communicate, talk it through, seek advice. But then again, I never did let my schooling interfere with my education.


The SAS have a saying,

Don’t stress about anything beyond your control. Just Accept it and crack on with the job at hand.

Its the hardest thing to do. But be grateful for having such a huge opportunity to grow as a person. Don’t be bitter or hateful, it only upsets you. Instead, enable yourself to flourish and become a better person for it. Love the betrayal, don’t hate the betrayer.

Writing like this is cathartic for me, although I understand that this is a cryptic blog.

For legal reasons and for reasons I’m not able to go in to, it has to be this way.

My integrity and dignity means I cannot stoop to lower levels, it just can’t be.

This is all part of a journey for me, my journey to becoming stronger and more at peace with life. To make good decisions and to love, not hate.

My journey to provide the best for my daughter and show her the right way to behave and respond to life’s challenges and difficulties. But then again, sometimes I don’t think you need to  spell things out for intelligent people to understand.


OSHO stubborn.jpg



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