The court must know the reason for divorce

I’m literally typing into my laptop here with absolutely no plan whatsoever on what I’m going to write. I’m feeling grateful for things, as I often do. I love the fact I have everything in my life that I do and my daughter is happy and healthy. So I just fancied seeing what comes out when I start to write.

Sometimes it’s good to just do this. Not every blog of mine has an agenda. They’re just ramblings of a lunatic mostly.

I don’t feel much emotion.  It’s nice meeting new people and getting to know them, you learn a lot from people. And I think with each encounter in your life there’s always something you can learn from them and use to grow as a person.

A big symptom of brain injury is emotional numbness

I feel things when I’m looking after people at work, I think that’s a weird sort of love. I feel laughter, I feel sadness and anger. I feel good at the gym. I feel relaxation, I feel determination and passion. But I haven’t felt fear since my accident, which is peculiar to me. I don’t feel other’s considerations of me, hence why embarrassment has been largely absent.

I just read one of those picture quotes you see posted up on Facebook, I think that’s what prompted me to write a short blog tonight.


There’s nothing more important than to love and be loved.

That’s what I use everyday. Maybe that’s why I smile a lot, but there is so much to be thankful for. And to be in a position where I can make people smile who need it most, that is a real blessing. I love that and always will.


Such a thrown about term. I mean it in the sense that I’m not sure you will understand, not even sure if I do. I love to look after people, I love to make people laugh, I love interacting with people, I love being part of something everyday. I love embarrassing myself to make others laugh, thats one of the big ones.

Life is what you make of it. I could sit here and express sadness over the fact my decree for divorce has had a court date set, but that my ongoing legal claim (4 years) has not had a court date set. My divorce paper reads:

It has been proved there is a breakdown in the marriage and the respondent (me) has been proved to demonstrate unreasonable behaviour leading to this.

My unreasonable behaviour….

… a change in personality due to severe head trauma. 

The ‘old’ Mikey…


….The ‘new’ Mikey….

me glasses.jpg

Hey, no hard feelings. Honestly. I know I’m not to everyone’s taste and I was pretty great.

However, despite these two terms being thrown at me constantly over the past four years, some things will never change. The things that I like to think matter.


reese sand.jpg

me reese kiss.jpg



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