A tiny insight

It’s late, I’m tired, I can’t be bothered with writing anything sensical. This blog, like all the others I write, is for me.

I’m sick and tired of being made to feel like an idiot. Sometimes I find it hard to concentrate, so I miss out on things. However, this isn’t because I’m a useless thick and lazy idiot, as I’m sure many people may think, it just happens. And that’s what I feel like after each time I do it, frustration and inadequacy.


Trying to make anyone understand how difficult it is for people with a brain injury to make a simple decision is time I wouldn’t even bother wasting. In fact, there is no one in my life I feel I could trust to try and explain this to, apart from my parents, who try to understand everything. They are the only people who have stuck around in my life to live this nightmare with me. Everyone else has fucked off.

To be fair, people are usually so insensitively stupid themselves their reaction would only serve to annoy me.

And that’s energy I can’t afford to lose.

And now I have to waste time in the morning trying to find a parking space because I’m charged full price for a permit that I can’t afford, as I’m needing to prioritise a permit for placement instead (an ongoing struggle) despite having medical evidence. You see how a simple change to a routine for a brain injured person can drastically affect their daily living? Probably not, but it’s true. Honestly.

But wait, life is hard for everyone right? Sadly, that’s where I lose people.

Although I can’t say I’m bothered if people get this or not. I just assume not, which is cool.

Equality act? What equality act?

This next paragraph highlighted in bold is purely fictional. Any similarities are coincidental.

There is a hospital in the UK that someone works for who didn’t accept two forms of medical evidence to supply them with a permit. Overall the person in question is looking at spending over £250 every time they need to park there over their placement.  The same person is unable to work whilst studying for a full time nursing degree due to their health condition.


Join the Queue…


..To the long line of people and organisations who are clueless to brain injury.

Organising and planning is the hardest thing for someone with damage to the frontal lobe to deal with. But not in ways you might think.

Ah, I’m not angry at the world for not being wise to it. After all, I certainly had no idea of the effects of brain injury before I had one myself. It just gets frustrating at times.



bi emotion.jpg


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