So I’m leaving my parent’s house to come home this evening. This is easily the coldest night of the year.
I’m driving back home and through Westbourne high street. I’m skint, and only recently my dad was helping me out with budgeting. We agreed I spend too much money on homeless people!

He is right. A tennner each time is too much for someone who can’t even work full time.

As I am driving through the high street I notice a homeless girl in the street.

She must be freezing her tits off

Long story short, I drove home and found as many hoodies as I could that I don’t really wear and headed back out to wrap up the homeless girl. I stopped for a chat. Her name is Becky.

She told me how it’s easy for people to judge her and often not hand over even a measly £1 for fear of her spending it on drugs.

Then I got onto my high horse. 

I said:

People don’t hand in £50 every month from their salary because that’s how much they spend on alcohol. It’s obvious you’re not on an substance but it’s not the point Becky mate. It’s none of their business, once they part with any money it’s not theirs anymore! TBH the only time you’d Catch me sleeping on the streets would be if I’m pissed or on drugs because I’d need it to survive on a night like this. 

I finished off by telling her that these people who turn their noses up wouldn’t last 5 minutes in your shoes. People are cruel to what they fear or don’t understand

Are you one of those who are quick to clutch your bag and walk on when you see someone like Becky?

Could you survive countless nights on the street sober?

I gave her the rest of money that she needed for a bed indoors and got on my way. So now I’m a bit more skint. But guess what? I’m warm. Sorry dad .. I’m weak. But warm.

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