I hate drama and I hate making a fuss. I use these blogs to work through my day to day challenges and see what comes up when I do, sort of like a meditation. But even I can say how pleased I am of how far I’ve come since my accident.

I learnt that observing thoughts rather than acting on them is the best way I can live my life.


Even when the thoughts hurt, or they stir up an emotion in me. I also observe that it’s very easy for other people to make judgements about things, even when they themselves have never experienced it. I don’t hold it against anyone though, it’s called being human. I’m far from perfect.

I don’t judge you. I wouldn’t last five minutes in your shoes.

Even when I know my daughter is visiting Disneyland, which created a lot of disappointment in me, I observe the feeling and just get on with it. I’m a huge Disney fan, she only watches the films with me. We just finished arranging for my beauty and the beast poster to go up in my bedroom! I would love to have been the one to take her for the first time, I’ve never been myself.

At least she’ll enjoy it

Alas, when you find out that she’ll be visiting euro Disneyland on father’s day, all those feelings of disappointment come flooding back. But in a way, I should thank my ex wife for this opportunity. I thank her for giving me the chance to deal with a very difficult set of emotions in the right way and thereby allow me to grow.


So I’m happy for all experiences, good or bad. I’m staying in my own lane and doing me, That’s it! It’s amazing how simple your life is if you allow it to be. The truth is the truth, it doesn’t need a comment or expressed opinion. The truth speaks for itself, and it always will.



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