There is always hope 

Just a very short blog today. 

Two days ago marked the day I’ve been dreaming and working towards for the past 8-9 years: the end of university lectures. And how I am feeling is difficult to put into words! 

I’ve put myself and my family through so much chasing this dream of mine. 

Sure, I still have another 18 months to complete my hours, but the first stage of my journey is nearly complete. 

Going into my final placement will push me to my limit and be a real catalyst for my symptoms

All I do is believe, what else can you do? Fake it until you make it. After all, when I woke up in hospital and I was dribbling all over the place, I was told nursing wouldn’t be possible anymore. 

90% who suffer my injury remain in a vegetative state. 80% do not return to work. I state these figures again not to show off, but to serve as proof to other head injury survivors that there is always hope. 

I’ve learned that when the odds are stacked against you, sometimes it’s all you can do to believe in yourself. From hospital, to the police station, to people trying to cause me to fail to where I am today, it’s been a ride,  As I predicted 3 years ago.
It feels good to be here. I’ve a long way to go and my focus hasn’t diminished, but increased. As I said from the beginning, I can and won’t let anything stop me getting there. 

I’m trying my best and you can only fail if you don’t try.

Nothing has changed in 3 years, other than my love for forgiving people who have turned against me. So I thank them equally as I thank my family and friends, because I will get there. 

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