I took this post down yesterday as it drew comments from other people on Facebook, and I suddenly realised how much I don’t like that. These blogs are for me and until I can work out how to stop them showing up on Facebook I’ll delete them from Facebook and not from the site. 

It’s nothing personal. This is just a by-product of circumstances which I continue to learn from in life.

Before the meeting that changed a lot for me three days ago: 

Sitting here once again waiting and thinking ‘boy here we go again’,
My whole life has been a drama and it seems to have no end. 
I’m Pondering life and how alone and isolated I am,

But there comes a time where its only business and the emotion has to end.
Moving slowly but purposefully with intelligence and a desire to never fail,

When my backs against the wall I know in my heart I’ll do anything to ensure I prevail.
Even if the truth were known it would be utterly misunderstood and futile,

But before judgement or constructing an opinion climb into my shoes and try walking a mile. 
I will never understand why humans are so nasty and deceitful to one another,

Then again never say never as perhaps there IS a reason for this I am yet to discover. 
It’s easy to respect a professional in a suit but it’s not the same for a clown,

Because making children laugh by acting as such has only brought jealousy and frowns. 
My back is against the wall and I’m now asking if there’s any point to go on, 

Because doing everything to prevail and show strength has only led to things ever going wrong. 

Whatever I decide to do I know I’ll always be free. You can only truly love someone or something if it/they give you absolute freedom. 

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