The fight of my life

I had a big meeting regarding my court case on Friday:

Your brain injury was the severest type possible. What you’re attempting to do is rare

I replied ‘and not a single soul will ever know that’. She got it. Her daughter had had a TBI too and attempted to be ‘high functioning’.

What you’re doing can bring hope to so many

My level of functioning is rare but it comes at a cost. But If I hadn’t of pushed myself like this I would not be functioning at this level now. Alas, from the start I was told so much was not possible by the ‘experts’.

I was written off from day one

But as I’ve said before, my scars tell a story that you should never take ‘no’ for an answer from someone who proclaims to be an ‘expert’ or otherwise.

Doing this costs me everything

During my darkest times I have fallen off the wagon in spectacular fashion. I’ve been in the darkest places imaginable but I did my best to reverse my circumstances.

I am sick of my heart aching for my daughter every single day. 

But as always I need to put that aside and focus on the tasks at hand.

I’m in the fight of my life right now.

I’m fighting for everything myself and my family have believed in and fought for for so many years. I’m fighting to prove that not only is ‘nothing impossible’, but that regardless of how you’re told ‘things are now’ you can still achieve the ‘improbable’.

I am fighting for what I believe in..

..I am fighting for the minority. I am fighting for those who have to fight for themselves every single day, whether that be fighting against discrimination, difficulty getting the right support they are entitled to and deserve or simply to help break the rule that says being different is a bad thing and you can’t be fulfilled if you don’t ‘fit in’.

I have no plans to ‘change’ anything. But I do know my circumstances can give hope to so many people.

I will prove that fighting for what your heart is telling you, when your mind and all those ‘practical’ people around you are telling you something different, will lead to your happiness.

Fear is something we all have, but it is something that can become our best friend if we change our outlook

I believe that  depression, anxiety, disability (hidden or otherwise), physical pain and suffering and social isolation, after so many years of people all over the world fighting them, instead of being fought, should now be treated as our invisible ‘friends’.


If you can make peace with all these little fuckers then you can do anything

One day this will all make more sense and I am fighting to make that day become a reality.

This is why I will only stop this journey when I either achieve it or I am no longer here living this life. I’m willing to put myself through all sorts of hell to get there, because it’s not just me I’m doing this for.


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