One heck of a ride

Granted, subarachnoid haemorrhages, frontal and parietal lobe haematomas, sepsis, 6-7 fractures to the skull and neck, diffuse axonal injury and petechial haemorrhages aren’t things many people survive, let alone get the chance to write about surviving.

Every moment for me feels like a gift

Despite being told I couldn’t do it, I started again with my nurse training and got there after 7 years of constant setbacks.

Well I’m currently experiencing another setback

I’ve been off sick for a week. I’m in my probationary period still at work.

Nursing means so much to me

I love kids. Brain injured Mikey and kids seem to work.

You don’t need to like someone to feel compassion towards them

Never mind everything else I Tend to downplay to people on a daily basis, neuro-fatigue is something that, if you constantly push yourself through on a daily basis, will catch up to you eventually.

I’m no longer fussed about being misunderstood

That came from years of experience, suffering and a profound sense of continual loss.

I also learned that despite writing about my life honestly, I was still being misunderstood.

No matter if you’re honest about your life or not, other people aren’t here to understand you

So I learned how to not care what people think and that was what gave me real freedom.

I learned that Nonsense spreads a lot faster than the truth.

Consequently I learned not to care what’s being said about me either way.

This blog has usually been popping up on your feed quite regularly. Since I resumed my training actually.

But now I feel myself less keen to write.

It’s hard reducing life to words

There are 5 years of blogs to read on this site. Lots of pain and certainly lots of drama.

But what about when you get to the point where you can no longer put your life into words?

Like my other setbacks, this one will eventually reach its climax.

In the meantime I’ll hope for the best with my job and continue to rest every day and try and get better as much as I can. Stay posted.

I’m a qualified nurse with a brain injury (yeah it has happened)

This is going to be one heck of a ride.

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